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Badkamer kitten inspectie

Our experience has shown that 8 out of 10 bathrooms in the Netherlands are not properly secured.

It is a fact that 89% of bathroom leaks is caused because of old kit (caulk) or voeg (joints).

The main reason is the poor work quality during the bathroom installation.


We all know that most of the construction companies today rush to deliver every job by skipping important steps and cutting corners. 

Imagine how much attention the constructor has attend to your bathroom's kitwork, which by the way is the last step before the payment.

It is very often to see 1 year old bathrooms with a leak.

Not so "fun" fact: It takes approximately 6 months for a leak to become visible.

During this period, every time you shower you allow water to infuse into the glue that hold your tiles together.


This in combination with the poor construction at first place will decrease your bathroom's life by UP TO 6 years. 

badkamer kitten

This is why we decided to begin with our new service

badkamer kitten

badkamer kitten

badkamer kitten

badkamer kitten

badkamer kitten

badkamer kitten

badkamer kitten

Now you can invite us to take a look at your bathroom's kitwork.

With our experiensed eye and some tools we can tell if your bathroom is completely secure.

That way you save money while you are free from leak.


On top of that, you are eligible to extra discount on our already discounted prices in case of treatment need. 


Including micro repair if needed.

(No extra or hidden costs)


Thank you for your message!

You can expect a Whatsapp message from us in the next 24 hours.

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